Your business is valuable to me and getting to know you more fully is an important component of health coaching. Although not required, it is recommended to share some confidential, personal information, at your discretion, openly and honestly at your initial consultation and during our coaching sessions. I am committed to helping you reach your goals, change unhealthy lifestyle habits and replace them with healthier habits.

I will honor and protect your privacy and confidentiality of any communications and personal information shared with me. Your personal information will not be shared with any person or organization without your written permission. At any time you can request to change your personal information.

Muslimah Healthy, Online Nutrition Coaching, Confidentiality and Coaching Agreements

  1. Services: Your training packages along with your weekly check-ins are designed to help you reach your fitness goals, learn new skills, and change unhealthy habits and behaviors. Upon completion of your program you will receive an added maintenance plan designed to keep you on track once your transformation process is complete. I will assist you by listening, asking questions to gain knowledge of your current fitness and lifestyle situation, teaching you how to realistically incorporate healthy living into your daily routine, and providing you with the correct training program to suit your needs and goals. I will support you by holding you accountable, giving you advice, and pushing you as a coach to bring out your maximum potential. Nutrition coaching services do not offer a timeline of success, as every individual client is different and bodies respond differently. However, if you promise to work hard and do your part by following the plan and advice given to you, there is a high likelihood of positive results. As part of taking responsibility for your own success, I may ask you to keep a workout and/or food journal, or complete extra homework to benefit you. The schedule of consultation and check in sessions will be arranged to honor your needs.
  1. Fees and Payment Procedures: Initial consultation sessions are free. Clients are to pay for their program in full prior to receiving their personal plan.
  1. Client Responsibility: I ask that as my client, you keep up with weekly check-ins and progress reports. I am not able to update any nutrition program without progress information. Weekly check-ins will be held every Saturday but can be arranged to honor your needs and schedule.
  1. Termination/Freezing of Services: Because of the hard work and individualization I put into each clients plan, I cannot offer a refund if the package is canceled. I do understand that things in life happen, so based on the clients’ personal story I will decided whether or not to issue a refund. If the client wishes to freeze their services, packages will stay good for up to 6 months.
  1. Confidentiality: I protect the confidentiality of all of my personal training and nutrition clients. I will only release information about your progress or work with your written permission. To the maximum extent allowable by law, I will not release any identifiable information about you or our work together without your express permission.
  1. Definition and Limits of Online Nutrition Coaching: My Nutrition Coaching Services are intended for healthy, well-functioning individuals who want to take action and make changes in their overall fitness, wellness, and lifestyle to learn how to make healthier choices. Should some of your needs go beyond the scope of my practice, I will help you find useful resources for addressing these needs. Furthermore, Chelsea Panzarella is not a doctor or a registered dietician. The information being provided through these services should not be taken as medical advice, or as a way to treat, cure, or prevent any health problems you may have. The information provided will not replace the advice of a physician. If you have any medical concerns, or health risks/concerns that would put you at risk of starting a program, you should contact a physician. Chelsea will not be held liable for any medical/health problems that occur during the time of coaching.
  1. Nondisclosure and Intellectual Property: I will not voluntarily communicate your future plans, business strategy, customer information, or financial information to any other third party. To protect my intellectual property and the intellectual property of the coaching/training resources I might provide you with, you agree not to disperse or reuse the coaching/training material I may give you, unless you have my written permission.

Note: PLEASE understand before hiring me that through email/text messaging etc. I need you to BE COMMITED. There is no easy way out so I need you to trust the process and believe in yourself. If something goes wrong you MUST be honest with me and let me know so I can help you get back on track. I really don’t want to have to send the ‘I haven’t heard from you’ message…so please make sure you are willing to commit to this plan beforehand. I will be by your side the whole way as long as you’re willing to meet me in the middle and put in the work!