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PCOS Support for Muslimah's

Polycystic Ovary Syndrom affects 10-20% of women and can have a huge impact on our lives, our health, and our happiness. I've been able to greatly reduce my PCOS symptoms through diet and lifestyle changes, and I want to help you do the same through a supportive cysterhood. Let's heal together, in shaa Allah.

PCOS Articles

The first step towards healing your PCOS is knowledge. These articles will help you learn all about PCOS, hormones & your body, and how to manage your symptoms.

PCOS-Friendly Meal Plans

Get a completely customizable meal plan to suit your PCOS-friendly diet, from Paleo to Keto to Vegan to Whole30 and everything in between. Real Plans takes the overwhelm out of healthy eating.

Customizable Meals

Completely customizable meals & recipes based on your diet type, budget, likes, and lifestyle.

Organized Shopping

Download the app for an organized shopping list that lets you efficiently check off items as you go.

1500+ Recipes

Choose from over 1500 recipes from some of the top healthy food bloggers, or add your own custom recipes.


Whether it’s just you or a whole bunch of mouths to feed, get adjustable portion sizes to suit your families needs.

Get the Support You Need

You don't have to go through PCOS alone. Come join my PCOS Support Group for Muslimah's on Facebook and join a supportive, inspiring community of women who are all working to heal together, with the help of Allah.

Join the Cysterhood!